Eliminate the Dangers with Ready Jet

A man in a Ready mix drum is a recipe for disaster. 20+ years ago, it would have been considered normal to have a worker go into the mixer drum and manually chip away at the hardened, dead concrete when it was time for a maintenance cleaning. What they didn’t realize then, was how dangerous this was to the worker’s health and well-being, until it was too late.

The Ready Jet is the safest solution to cleaning out a dirty mixer drum, which requires NO MAN in the drum or secondary operator for “hole watch.” If you aren’t getting the man out of the drum, you can be putting your workers, and your business, at great risk…

Here are just some of the many dangers of leaving your men in the drum:

  1. Fatigue and heat stress
  2. Injuries from large, falling chunks of concrete
  3. Contact with sharp blades
  4. Development of carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive jackhammer vibrations
  5. Repetitive strain injury
  6. Development of lethal lung diseases from silica dust exposure, such as silicosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  7. Legal risks for noncompliance with confined spaces
  8. Legal risks for noncompliance with OSHA standards

Over 25 years of research and development has made the Ready Jet the safest, most efficient robotic drum cleaning solution on the market. The Ready Jet requires only one worker OUTSIDE the drum using a Bluetooth remote that controls the entire machine. The Ready Jet lance is inserted in the drum while the drum spins at a low RPM. The lance auto-retracts while the 20,000 psi water cuts through 8-10 inches of concrete at a time, cleaning 1 yard of hardened concrete in 75 minutes or less, leaving no dents or rust spots on the drum…

If you’re not water blasting the dead concrete away, then you are at a high risk of creating dangerous situations for your workers and business. It’s simply not worth the risk! Make 2022 the year of safety and efficiency by investing in a Ready Jet machine.

Contact us today to get your men out of the drum and away from these very real dangers!

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