Ready Jet’s New Remote Control – More Power in Your Hands!

Ready Jet is excited to share details on the new and improved remote control! Like any technologically unique product, new evolutions are necessary to keep up with customer needs and to enhance the experience of the user. We have listened to our customers’ feedback and our research and development team is proud to release this upgraded remote control.

Remote FAQs

What improvements have been made?
The new remote control runs off of a radio frequency and will not be interrupted by other radio frequencies that could be emitted by nearby plants. This means no more crashes or hard-wiring the remote due to radio frequency interruptions!

We upgraded to a more robust remote control that includes a larger, clearer screen. The improved 1080p display makes it easier to read. No more monochrome display!

An additional feature on this remote is its ability to show a better visual representation of the range from the nozzle oscillator to the surface of the inside of the drum. The remote shows all the telemetry, such as the gauges on the unit, in an easy-to-read display.

Expect quicker refresh rates!

From what purchase date can customers expect to receive this new remote?

All units shipping out this year will have the new controller system with it.

What if I have a Ready Jet with the first remote and want the upgraded remote?

Customers with the old remote have the ability to purchase this upgraded remote.

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