A Journey to the Heart Center of the Liquidator

Just as we need a strong heart to keep our blood pumping and bodies working, the Liquidator needs a pump that is strong, durable, and gets the job done. This is why we trust the Hammelmann Pump to be the heart of the Liquidator system.

The Hammelmann high-pressure pump is designed for continuous operation and heavy-duty use. The pumps used in the Liquidators include either the 40,000 PSI at 12 GPM or the 40,000 PSI at 15 GPM. Best of all, there is a 24-month or 2,000 operating hour warranty and minimal Hammelmann support parts needed on the truck (Under $100). 

Blasters carries full sets of repair parts in Tampa, FL at all times and supplies 24/7 technical support. That means a technician will travel to the customer’s location to repair the pump within 48 hours if required.

Call us at 813-918-6855 to get a quote from one of our experts today!

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