After purchasing other brands of runway water blast equipment, Hi-Lite has exclusively converted to Blasters Liquidator systems for our airport maintenance projects. We currently own 10 Liquidators with the intent of purchasing additional units.

— Christopher Miller, President, Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC, New York

Direct Traffic Control

After converting from another brand water blast removal system, Direct Traffic bought a Liquidator L4012VT in 2015.

We quickly realized that we were getting much higher production rates and the system was much more reliable. With the other brand water blaster, all we seemed to do was work on it. After one or two shifts out in the field it would breakdown then back in the shop again. We spend a lot less money and aggravation keeping the Liquidator on the road. I highly recommend this equipment.

— Robert Chrisp, President, Chrisp Company, California

Chrisp Co.

We entertained buying a water blasting removal system for California for many years. After a live roadway demonstration, the Chrisp team decided on the Liquidator product. After looking at other brands, our decision has proven to be the right one.

We are happy with this system and highly recommend it to others who are looking to purchase a water blast removal system.

— Robert Chrisp, President, Chrisp Company, California

Knelsen Sand & Gravel

We met Scott Boos and the Blaster’s team many years ago when we were introduced to high-pressure water when buying a Ready Jet drum cleaning system. After learning to appreciate all the benefits of water as a tool, Knelsen was offered a Liquidator system.

We have owned that system for 5 years and are very pleased with it. It is utilized on both roadways and airports. It has a really simple system to operate. The learning curve to train an operator can be very quick. We work in very cold temperatures and Blaster’s winterizing process is quick, easy, and inexpensive to protect the Liquidator from freezing up. If I had to do it over again, I would buy from the Blasters’ team!

— Kelly Hines, GM, Knelsen Sand & Gravel, Alberta, Canada


After owning an NLB water blaster, TRA switched to the Liquidator system in 2018 for all our roadway maintenance projects.

We have been extremely happy with the simplicity, performance, and reliability of the Liquidator System and with the technical and parts support from Blasters, Inc.

The Hammelmann high-pressure pump has been extremely reliable with zero downtime, overall, the Liquidator is an extremely cost-effective system to operate.

I would highly recommend the Liquidator System to any company considering the purchase of a water blast removal system.

— Francois Daignault, Director Operations, Montreal, Canada

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