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As Jetstream’s newest partner, our Certified refurbishment program takes the Certified advantage to the highest peak.

T3 Series

With the help of Jetstream, the Blasters exclusive T3 series of water blasters incorporates new Tier 3 diesel engines with proven engineering and increased credibility. This product line and it’s performance is backed by the accreditation of the pioneers in industrial cleaning and surface prep. This equipment and its performance will reflect your company’s commitment to excellence.

Innovative Series

Founded in 1976, Jetstream has merged with the 45 years of experience Certified by Blasters has in the industry. As one, the proven line of water blasters delivers certified, refurbished equipment to meet certain requirements – delivering beyond expectations. Together, the vast options of engines and pumps offer consumers the feel of customization, without the expense.

Custom Equipment

When something off the shelf doesn’t work, we can design and build equipment to meet your project’s needs and specifications. Our belief in keeping it simple is on display when you speak to our team of experts. Coupling Jetstream with Certified by Blasters makes our product the most innovative technology, plus an expeditious and cost-effective project.

100% Blasters Certified

Jetstream with Blasters - The certified advantage

Our Certified program provides the customer with complete confidence in the quality of the product. Every water blaster is inspected and reconditioned by authorized trained technicians. All Certified water blasters must go through a strict evaluation and meet our premium standards to earn the Certified title.

Pick Your Pressure

A Pressure for Every Industry

You know your industry. We know water blasters. Let Blasters help you find the right machine with the pressure to help you do what you do best every day.


Construction & Renovation, Mining, Municipalities, Railways


Hydrostatic Testing, Pulp & Paper, Power Stations, Valve Testing


Cement Plant Cleaning, Pipe & Heat Exchanger, Hydrodemolition, Petrochemical Pipelines


Automotive & Aviation, Plaster Removal, Paint/Rust Removal, Marine


Built by Blasters,
Guaranteed by Jetstream

When a unit is received, it is fully inspected by our factory trained production team. First, we determine its pressure and volume. Next, everything from the engine, power and fluid end, trailer, tires and brakes are inspected and tested. Then, the 132-step refurbishment process begins. Want to know more about our Certified water blasters? See below.

Note: Jetstream Guardian Water Tanks available but not shown.

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