T3 Series Engines

Blasters has teamed up with Jetstream to bring you the T3 series of water blasters, featuring new Tier 3 diesel engines that offer proven engineering and increased credibility. This product line is supported by pioneers in industrial cleaning and surface preparation, ensuring a high-quality performance that reflects your company’s commitment to excellence.

Cost-effective + EPA-Compliant​

The Best Diesel Engines for Your Water Blasters


High torque and power output for intense cleaning pressure


Robust and durable for demanding applications


Fuel-efficient operation for lower operational costs


Capable of running on various fuel types, including biodiesel

High-pressure water streams require robust engines, and T3 diesel engines offer several advantages:

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Whether you’re tackling tough industrial cleaning tasks or maintaining critical infrastructure, Blasters Certified has you covered. Trust in our proven line of water blasters to deliver unmatched quality and performance, backed by decades of experience and expertise.

Doug Elliott

Vice President, Certified Water Blasters

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