A Journey to the Heart Center of the Liquidator

Just as we need a strong heart to keep our blood pumping and bodies working, the Liquidator needs a pump that is strong, durable, and gets the job done. This is why we trust the Hammelmann Pump to be the heart of the Liquidator system. The Hammelmann high-pressure pump is designed for continuous operation and […]

Easy Peasy

See how easy our Liquidator is removing epoxy topped with thermoplastic on grooved concrete. Call us for a demo!

No job too big or too small

With the largest sole water blasting contracting fleet in North America, we know what it means to be prepared for a big job. Here are 4 of our many trucks getting ready for a project and will be heading out tonight. We also know the small jobs are just as important. As a contractor, each […]

How it works – Liquidator Water Blast Removal Systems

The Liquidator system is by far the most economical water-blast runway and pavement markings removal system on the market today. Both new and used units offer huge savings compared to the competition, with superior performance results. Swipe to see the various applications our systems can remove markings and rubber. https://blasters.net/rediscover

Meet Dennis Braswell

Need a paint and rubber removal machine? Contact Dennis Braswell, the VP of the Liquidator Sales Division, today! Email: dbraswell@blasters.net Phone:(813) 985-4500 https://blasters.net/rediscover


Blasters Liquidator is a paint stripe and runway rubber removal system which utilizes ultra-high-pressure water equipment to safely remove roadway markings, airport runway markings, and rubber buildup, curing compound, sealer, tack, and many other applications. Some unique features include: ●        Utilization of 20,000 to 40,000 PSI (1,379 – 2,758 bar) ●        Ranging from 7 to […]

Two Customers Coming Together

Two of our Liquidator customers, Lincoln Airport with the assistance of Highway Signing, Inc. completed a large coating removal project at Lincoln Airport.

The Big 3

According to Wikipedia: the “Big 3” usually describes the three most prominent entities in any given grouping or subject. We could not agree more. As a contractor and manufacturer in the water blasting industry for over 45 years, we know what it takes to be successful. Just like sports, entertainment, academics, and history, the “BIG […]

Touch Down!

Touch Down!  The Liquidator team had a successful training at Lincoln airport with the delivery of our mid-size truck. This is one of the many Liquidator water blast removal systems working at airports.