Certified by Blasters Joins Jetstream

Certified by Blasters partners with Jetstream, a pioneer in industrial cleaning and surface prep solutions. 

As a result of this exciting partnership, Blaster’s Certified Pre-owned refurbishment program levels up, making the certified advantage the leading industry standard. This comprehensive program provides the customer with complete confidence in the quality of the product. Every water blaster is inspected and reconditioned by authorized and trained technicians. All Pre-Owned water blasters must complete a strict evaluation and meet our premium standards to earn the Certified title.

Doug Elliott

Vice President, Certified Water Blasters

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Meet Doug Elliott

Need help selecting your pressure? Contact Doug Elliott, the VP of the Certified Pre-Owned, today! Email: delliott@blasters.net   Phone: (813) 985-4500  https://blasters.net/rediscover

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