Blasters, Inc. has assisted our company many times on acquiring rental pumps that were needed for jobs. Their prices are competitive, and they are typically willing to go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met. Doug is very personable and easy to work with.

South Carolina

Blasters, Inc. has been our provider for high-pressure pump rentals, parts and repairs for the southeast region. Their customer service and knowledge in the industry is excellent and they are always a pleasure to work with.

Tom Putnam
Act Environmental

We are in the business of Ultra high-pressure water blasting and have our own equipment; however, sometimes we get awarded jobs that require a higher production rate than our available equipment can achieve to accomplish the job on time. We have been in that exact situation several times over the last year and that is when we turn to Blasters, Inc. Blasters has answered our call every time providing us with high output UHP pumps and top shelf technical service. They work with us and feel like part of our team when their pumps are on station.

We prefer not to rent UHP equipment; however, when we need to, we are glad Blasters, Inc. is out there.

Bob P
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